My Education Versus Your Health

With Match Day around the corner and graduation coming shortly after, I find myself frequently reflecting on my nearly four years of medical school. … [Read more...]

Be Prepared for Anything

It was 11:30 on a Wednesday night when my resident and I heard the creak of the door to the workroom. We swiveled around in our chairs to see a … [Read more...]

Pediatrics and the Protective Parent

"If he is hungry when he wakes up, and you don't let him eat, we're taking him to another hospital," the man shouted. I stood trapped between a … [Read more...]

Decoding Code Status

“Good morning baby,” she said to me each morning when I came into her room. Ms. K was an educated woman in her early 50s with three children. She … [Read more...]

The Debt We Owe Psychiatry

This past week I spoke with a patient who noted that since his wife’s death six months ago, he had lost 40 pounds, slept a maximum of four hours … [Read more...]

A Petition for Prevention

During my surgical subspecialty rotation, I spent one week on the Limb Salvage service. As a branch of plastic surgery, this area of work requires … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned on a General Surgery Rotation

There is a lot of mythology surrounding the third year general surgery rotation. Before I began mine, I knew I would spend the next six weeks hungry, … [Read more...]

The Uninvited Guest

Alzheimer’s Disease is the uninvited guest that crashes all of my family gatherings. It relentlessly pursues my grandfather’s brain, unraveling more … [Read more...]

The Autopsy

“Well I don't know why I came here tonight, I got the feeling that something ain't right,” the song hummed through the speakers of the DC Medical … [Read more...]

A Dose of Meditation, As Needed: Why Self-Care is Worth Our Time

I don’t have time for this, I thought as I attempted to walk the twenty minutes from home to my Mind Body Medicine class at a ten minute pace. I felt … [Read more...]